Avocado Ice Cream




Recipe (amended) : http://www.homemade-baby-food-recipes.com/ice-cream-for-baby.html


1 avocado (pitted, cut into chunks)

4 ripe bananas (peeled, cut into chunks)

6 oz coconut milk

4 tsp grapeseed oil

(Note: I double the size because I am lazy to think of what to do with another half avocado, but trust me its worth it to double the size if you/ other adults would like to have a try.


1) Blend everything until smooth n creamy

2) Pour into container, put in freezer

3) Take out every hour, stir with spoon. I did for 5 times, leave overnight.

4) Put into fridge (not freeze) about 1 hour before serving and viola, you’ve got a healthy avocado ice cream for your family!