Mushroom soup

chew -mushroom soup
Mushroom soup

Oyster mushroom,white button mushroom,grown button mushroom(u can also add on portobello mushroom n shiitake)
Some Garlic slice
1 big Onion slice
Thymes leaves
Coconut oil (but I m using Olive oil )
Water or chicken stock (I m using water)

SECOND PART (optional)
Some chopped onion
Some mushroom slices
Parsley Flakes (just for decor)
Laughing cow cheese (just for decor too)

Method :
Sauté the garlic n onion in olive oil till fragrant abt 2-3minutes
to put the assorted mushrooms n stir till the mushrooms softened then sprinkle some thymes leave n water over(water is enough cover all the mushroom), reduce the heat n continue cooking ,covered, cook for abt 5-10minutes or until or the water had been absorbed. turn off the heat then blend it .

You can just serve after blended but I want it be more texture so I planing to cook for little long ….
Second part which is sauté the chopped onion and mushroom slice with some butter till fragrant then put in blended mushroom soup n boiling it ,before u turn off the heat put some milk (u can also put some cream or cheese )boiling for 1-2 minutes until the milk integrate —->it’s DONE!!
You can put little parsley flakes n laughing cow cheese on top of the soup for decoration when serving ,it is optional .

-A little Parmesan cheese powder sprinkled over cooked mushroom soup is delicious.