Purple sweet potato bun/roll with pumpkin custard filling/pipe on top


It’s soft & fluffy
Ugly purple sweet potato roll-shaped

5ºc roux starter (for bun)
100g bread flour (i used 180g plain flour)
100g cold water (i used 180g milk cold from fridge)
0.4g yeast (i used 1g)

1. Mix yeast with cold water follow by flour & stir until mixed well. Use a taller container as yeast need more oxygen to growth.
2.cover the container with lid & let it proof in room temperature for 1 hour after 1 hour, store it in the fridge for a least 18 hours. After 18 hours, you will see some bubbles on the roux starter.

Ingredients: (for buns)
200g 5ºc roux starter
300g bread flour (i used plain flour)
50g cake flour
20g Milk powder (i not used)
65g fine sugar
120g purple sweet potato (cut into cube) after steamed about 15mins
120g water (i used cold milk)
A pinch of seasalt
4g yeast
1 cold egg (i used egg kampung)
40g unsalted

Method:(for buns)
1.Add all the dough ingredients in the bm’s pan ( except butter ). Follow this sequence : liquid first, follow by flour, sugar, seasalt, then yeast (you may pre-proof the yeast 1 first)
2.Choose menu 8 (dough), after 5 mins, a dough will formed, then add butter while paddle still spinning. After 20 mins, press stop. Restart kneading menu 8 again & let it knead for 20 mins. Total knead time is 40 mins. Let the dough proof until double the size.
3. Take out the dough & squeeze out the air from the dough & cut into 14 pieces which each piece is about 55g. Cover it & let it rest for 10-15 mins.
4. Assemble the bun with filling. Place it on baking paper or greased baking tray, wait until it growth double the size.
5. Egg (if you choose add 1 tbsp of water in the egg & beat lightly) I used egg whites for wash on the buns & pumpkin custard with pipe on the top & bake in pre-heated oven with 180c for 25 mins or until golden brown.

Ingredients: (for filling)
100g pumpkin (cut into cube) Steamed about 15mins after hot mashed
2 tbsp fresh milk
2 tbsp fine sugar
2 tbsp custard powder

1.put all the ingredients for pumpkin custard in a small pot. Mix well
2.place the pot over low heat & keep stirring till the mixture thickens
3.set aside

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