Bake Cheese Rice Ball

hui min-baked cheese rice ball

Recipes credited to Mommy Hui Min~

Yesterday my lo dinner. Baked rice ball with coated egg yolk. At first I want to use breadcrumb in stead of egg yolk. But my lo no teeth yet
Now I will try to make her dinner like finger food, so I can enjoy my dinner and she can sit beside me and enjoy her food

Pasta sauce recipe:

3 cloves of garlic
1 red onion
1/2 purple carrot
100g pumpkin
4 tomatoes

Steam all ingredient and then blend them.

Bake Cheese Rice ball recipe:

Any raw vege in your preference
Fish Fillet
Homemade pasta sauce
Cheddar cheese
egg yolk


1. blend raw vege first
2. Steam all ingredient together with rice.
3. All cooked, minced / blend the meat

3. Add grated cheese mix all ingredient together
4. Put into fridge chiller for 1 hour
5. Form rice ball
6. Dip egg yolk and roll on breadcrumb
7. Baked 170°c with 20 mins
Done ^^

p/s: For mummy who lo got teeth I would suggest after dip on the egg yolk then roll on breadcrumb, will be more crispy. My version is for no teeth baby ;p