Eggless & Non-Dairy Pancake (Vegan)


Ingredients :

All Purpose Flour 1 cup 
Oat/Soy Milk 1 cup 
Brown Sugar 1 tbsp 
Salt 1/2 tsp 
Light Olive Oil 1 tbsp 
Baking Powder 1 tbsp


1. Mix flour,baking powder, salt and sugar with the whisk. Add milk along with oil and mix gently. Set aside for 10 minutes.

2. After 10 minutes again give it a mix and heat an iron skillet (dosa pan) until it gets hot. Switch off the stove and leave it for 5 minutes. Again switch on the flame and put it in medium flame. Grease with butter and pour one big laddle full of batter carefully. Do not spread.

3. Wait until bubbles pop over the pancakes and the colour changes and flip carefully. Cook the other side for a minute and transfer to serving plate.