Perfect Soft Pau

Perfect Soft Pau



  • (I knead with hand )
  • 300G Pau Flour
  • 5G Yeast
  • 5G Baking powder
  • 90G Sugar
  • 120G Water
  • 25G Butter


  1. ♥ In a clean bowl add all dry ingredients and mix well. Add in wet ingredients except butter and knead into a ruff dough.
  2. ♥ Add in butter and continue knead until it smooth and elastic.
  3. ♥ Put dough in a clean bowl with plastic wrap Cover, put at warm place and let it proof until double.
  4. ♥ Punch down the air and split the dough into 45G each.
  5. ♥ Assembly with filling (any filling will do, im putting red bean from baker shop). Seal tight and put on small pieces of parchment paper and let it proof to double in size again.
  6. ♥ Steam at medium heat for 15min. Once done tutn off heat and wait for another 2minute only open the lid. (To prevent water goes In the pau skin).

Perfect Soft Pau Recipe


my 1st attend pau making was a success. Thank to daddy zac fabulous receipt. My both angels love it so much…even after the second day it still soft and tasty. WHEN my love eat happily my heart felt sweet♥