Rice Cooker – Cheese Bake Chicken Rice

Rice Cooker – Cheese Bake Chicken Rice


  • Marinated a slice of chicken breast with 25ml honey, lemon juice and little bit of salt for few hours.
  • 1 Potato (peel,wash then cube cut).
  • 1/2 small bowl of white button mushroom (wash then fine chopping).
  • 1 1/2 tablespoon of Campbell cream of mushroom (it would be better if homemade, hehe).
  • 1/2 small bowl of cheddar cheese.


  1. Cook boiled a cup of rice in the rice cooker, put slightly more water than usual as we will need to cook tab one more time later on.
  2. Heat the oil in the pan, grill the marinated chicken till fully cooked with golden brown. Remove it from the pan and rest aside.
  3. Pan fried or steam the potato and mushroom till potato is little bit soften. (do not overcook potato as we will need to cook in the rice cooker again later.
  4. Mix potato and mushroom together with 1 1/2 tablespoon cream of mushroom.
  5. when the rice is cooked, stir loose the rice.
  6. Pour in the potato mushroom mixture evenly on the rice.
  7. Put the grilled chicken on the mixture then top cheddar cheese as in picture showed.
  8. Tab the rice cooker to “cook” mode again, and simmer it for about 5-10 mins after it turned to “warm” mode. Make sure the cheese is fully melted by simmering.



phooi - cheese bake ricephooi - cheese bake rice 1

Consider success attempt as my 30 mo lo eat big bowl of rice today. The only bad is lazy mommy used Campbell cream of mushroom instead of homemade.

Enjoy your meal !