Creamy mushroom potato chicken pasta

phooi-creamy mushroom phooi-creamy mushroom1

Ingredients for two adults and one 32 month old kid

1 big potato (boiled for about 6-8 mins then cut in cube)
1 slice of chicken breast (boiled for about 10-15 mins then cut in cube)
broccoli (cut in florets and boiled for about 5-8 mins)
white button mushroom (dice or cube chopping)
2 onions (fine chopping)
300 ml fresh milk
20g unsalted butter
1/2 cup of shredded cheddar cheese (I think it would be better to add in more cheese to make it more creamy)
2 cup of pasta

For sauce
1. Melt butter in the pan and then pan fried the onion till fragrance.
2. Add in chopped white button mushroom and pan fried for a while.
3. Pour in the fresh milk and boil for a while, then add in potato, chicken cubes.
4. Lastly add cheese, bring to boil and keep stirring till the sauce become creamy.
Note: For me, I blended 1/3 of the sauce and pour it back into the pan in order to make it more creamy because I do not have enough cheese left at home. LoL

For pasta
1. Boiled the pasta in some water with pinch of salt and few drops of oil.
2. Filter the pasta and pour it into ice cold water for few seconds then put into hot boiling water again.
3. Filter the pasta and pour into bowl.