Homemade Pancake


Recipe adapted from MiChelle Lee @ Healthy Food For Baby FB Group

My reduced-sugar version (Yields 11 pancakes)


3 eggs

50g castor sugar (Original called for 70g)

1tsp honey

1/2 tsp baking powder

110g Cake flour

50g formula milk (alternate to fresh milk)

10g butter



1) Mix egg + sugar + honey using electric mixer for approx 3 min/well combined.

2) Sift baking powder & cake flour, stir to combine. Add milk & butter, stir to combine.

3) Cover with cling wrap and put into fridge for 30 min.

4) Put non-stick pan on low heat (no need to grease), use a large spoon/scoop, scoop the batter, pour into middle of pan, let it spread into round shape naturally. If you want even size pancake, ensure you scoop the same amount everytime. If accidentally out of shape, just use a spoon to perfect the edge before it turns solid. It cooks very quickly, so after pouring the batter, around 15-20 seconds, check if can turn it over.

Tips from mommy SheLa Davies, can make a big batch & freeze it for future use. Just separate each pancake with baking paper, put into ziplock bag, throw into freezer, and there you go, having a ready-made healthy pancake on the go!