Non Bake Oreo Marshmallow Cheesecake in Cup

Non Bake Oreo Marshmallow Cheesecake in Cup


  • 1 block cream cheese room temperature
  • 1 lemon
  • 150g condensed milk
  • 25 medium size marshmallow
  • 100g water or milk
  • 14pcs/1 pack Oreo biscuit


  1. Separate the oreo biscuits into 2 zip lock bag, one with cream and one without cream.
  2. Crush the biscuits in zip lock bag, pour and press the one with cream into the cup as cake base.
  3. First layer of cheesecake will be in lemon flavour - beat half of the cream cheese (125g) with 150g condensed milk and squeezed lemon juice for about 5-8 mins till the mixture become smooth.
  4. Pour the mixture into the cups and place them in the freezer while you prepared for marshmallow cheesecake layer.
  5. Steam the marshmallow until it melt.
  6. Mix melted marshmallow with the other half (125g) cream cheese, slowly pour in the water or milk bit by bit while you beat the mixture for a while till it become fluffy. (mine not fluffy enough, maybe because i did not use milk).
  7. Take the cups out from the freezer and pour in the remaining no cream oreo crunch.
  8. lastly, pour in marshmallow cheese cake layer and place into the freezer for about 1 hour.
  9. p/s : you can top with whipped cream and oreo crunches for better presentation.

Extra notes

Yield: 4 cups Servings

phooi-oreo cheese cake

Happy Mothers’ Day dessert for my little one and of course for myself too lol,  frozen cheese cake always my favorite.