Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

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Roasted butternut squash soup
Half Butternut squash , diced
1 Onion ,sliced
4 Garlic,sliced
1carrot ,diced
1 potato , diced
Water or chicken stock
(optional)For texture purposes: add on chicken breast or potato or butternut squash diced

Seasoning A
Olive oil,thymes leave,parsley flakes, curry powder(optional) ,pinch of salt n black paper

Put all the ingredient on the baking tray n to spill all the seasoning (which mention in seasoning A),to roast abt 30-45minutes 180 degree celsius (how long to roast with is depend on how heat of the oven every oven is difference ) till golden brown n soften.

After roasted leave it cool down Abit then blend all the ingredient with water or chicken stock. After blended pour to re-heat the soup then it’s Done !
For more texture purpose You can also add some chicken breast or favorite vegitable while re-heating the soup.