No Bake Strawberry Cheese Cake

imagephooi-strawberry cheese cake 1phooi-strawberry cheese cake


1 brick cream cheese (softened)
5 pieces of digestive biscuits
100g butter (softened)
200g condensed milk
1.5 teaspoon of gelatin powder
Homemade strawberry jam – recipe at

1. Crush digestive biscuits in a zip lock bag and mix the crunch with softened butter.
2. Pour the biscuits mixture into the container as a base.
3. Place the container into the freezer.
4. Steam boiled 1.5 teaspoon of gelatin powder with 25ml of water till fully melted.
5. Mix and whisk cream cheese with 200g condensed milk and also gelatin liquid till the mixture become smooth.
6. Take the container out from the freezer and you can start your own creative decoration on how you want the cake to look like.
7. Chill in the freezer for about 2 hours then can Be serve, but if you want the cake to come out in nice and firm shape then you will need to  freeze overnight.

For layer version will be a bit time consuming as you will need to pour in first layer of cream cheese, put in the freezer for about 20 mins, then second layer strawberry jam, put in the freezer for another 20 mins then only pour in third layer. Although it is time consuming, but i personally love the layer version.

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