Rice Cooker Roasted Chicken

shirleen - rice cooker chicken

Hi mummies. I received alot of qns wrt the rice cooker cakes I made last week. Thank you for the interest and really glad it helped u mums. I call it “a minimal effort to get the maximum result”.
Less cleaning and lesser preparation!

The traditional way of baking a Japanese cheesecake needs to undergo a water bath and setting a lower temperature and covering with foil to prevent it being burnt, a sensitive and temperamental cake which I have no patience for. Heh. So did a simple version which suits my needs.

Ok. Back to the qns. Many asked bout non CAKE function and how to bake. This picture attached was done last year where I was still using my old cooker with only COOK and WARM functions. That’s all. Again, I wanted a no frills easy baked chicken without cleaning the mess in the oven. So I tried using my old rice cooker to “roast”. For this effect, I pressed about 3-4x till I was satisfied with the color. And it’s done. Really simple, soft and tasty. Another dish u can do for ur little ones. 

Recipe if interested:
-Marinate in ur fav sauce. I used miso and honey. Leave few hours in fridge or overnight
-lay the skin facing down without the marinate. Browns nicer.
-cover lid and press COOK. Press additional times when switched to warm till satisfied.
-I flipped to the other side to ensure even browning.
-separately heat remaining sauce over rice or noodles.

So for baking cakes in cookers, this method of pressing few times work too. But as to how many times, u have to try it on ur own.

FYI, my old cooker was a $30plus no brand appliance that served me well.